Beau & Nest is a combination of two words that together represent the essence and values of our brand.

  • Beau | Derived from the French word "beau," meaning beautiful, represents the aesthetic appeal, elegance, and sophistication.

  • Nest | Symbolizes a comfortable, safe, and secure place. It represents the cozy and welcoming atmosphere that our products aim to create within your home.

Sustainability is a journey not a destination.

We are committed to making sustainable choices from the fabrics we choose, to our packaging and the vendors we work with. Every step we take, however small, leads us towards a healthier planet. It will never be perfect, but we're excited to be on this journey.

Small business. Women owned.

We're a small, women-owned family business with a big vision - to transform everyday living with our range of beautiful, eco-friendly home products.

Our journey began with a desire to create something meaningful, something that resonates with the essence of home and reflects our passion for the environment. We bring a unique perspective to our designs, blending timeless elegance with functionality and sustainability.

Creating beautiful memories one moment at a time.

Beau & Nest came from our love of hosting and creating beautiful memories. We're not just in the business of making and selling beautiful home products - we're in the business of creating experiences. We want to inspire a sense of joy in the everyday moments and make your home a place you truly love.